The Perks of Midweek Weddings: Why Choosing a Non-Traditional Day Makes Perfect Sense

Why a Midweek Wedding can be the Perfect Choice.

While there might be seven days in our week, traditionally only three of those were days on which couples wanted to get married. But ceremony sands are shifting and midweek weddings are seeing a surge in popularity.

So why is it that couples are starting to look away from the typical Friday, Saturday and Sunday weddings? Well, one of the largest contributing factors was, you guessed it, Covid. The backlog of weddings it created with couples no longer able to secure their original venue on their preferred date meant they became more flexible, having it on whichever day they could get.

And, actually, the growing trend for midweek weddings suggests that they and their guests realised that midweek was a winner! Just last week Hitched published their most popular 2024 wedding dates and we were all blown away. After analysing more than 160000 wedding dates, Hitched revealed that the top 5 wedding dates for 2024 didn’t have a Saturday in sight! So, what was the most popular date for 2024 weddings? Monday 23rd September!

Keep reading to find out why a midweek wedding ticks so many boxes!

Midweek Win: Cost Savings

Did you know that by having a wedding on a week day you can save yourself a substantial amount of money? Not only do venues offer reduced rates for midweek, but you may also find that your vendors can give you a great deal for having a Monday to Friday marriage. Do ask your suppliers and venues about their midweek deals- I am sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. These extra savings can help you have your dream wedding (or perfect honeymoon) without breaking the bank!

Midweek Win: Venue Availability

Picture this: you visit a host of wedding venues, find The One, set your heart on it… and then find out it isn’t available for another 3 years! We have all been there. Well, the beauty of a midweek wedding is that you will often find that a venue has much greater availability and can accommodate a wedding in the time frame that fits you, rather than the other way around. Added to this, you should find your suppliers are in the same boat and offer midweek options to suit you. You have found the perfect photographer on Instagram but she is booked up for the foreseeable? Why not have a chat with her about her midweek options. You have the potential to build your dream team of suppliers for a Monday to Friday wedding.

Midweek Win: Guests’ Experience

I get it- a midweek wedding creates alarm bells. Can our guests get time off work? Will people relax in a midweek wedding? What about kids? These are all completely valid concerns and certainly something to consider when planning your big day (especially if you have loved ones who can’t take leave e.g. teachers). But let’s turn some of those concerns on their head. If everyone cannot get time off work, you could have a reduced guest list for a more intimate and special day where you can spend quality time with each guest. If you’re worried about offending people by not having kids at the wedding, then a midweek wedding could solve this problem for you.

You may actually find people can relax even more at a midweek wedding as hotels will have greater availability, at a better price than what you’d pay at the weekend. What’s not to love? Remember we said at the start that Monday 23rd September is the most popular wedding date for 2024? Well, picture this from a guest’s perspective: you have been invited to a Monday wedding. You check in at your hotel on Sunday and have a lazy afternoon to explore and relax. You meet up with the bride and groom and other guests for a relaxed evening meal. You go to bed relaxed and excited, eager to celebrate the commitment and love being celebrated the very next day. Et voila- you have created a little midweek wedding escape for your nearest and dearest where you can spend extra time with them, in a totally relaxed and intimate environment!

Final Thoughts

It’s clear to see that the benefits of a midweek wedding are vast and can work really well for couples. Not only can you save money across the board, but you can have the venue of your choice surrounded by a dream team of professionals who you otherwise may not have been able to secure. Fifty per cent of my 2024 bookings are for days other than Saturday- a sign of a popular trend that looks set to continue for 2025 weddings and beyond!

But, as always, the most important aspect in all of this is to celebrate your love, your way. That may be midweek, it may be midnight, it may be up a mountain, it may be in your living room. Whatever you choose, I am here to collaborate with you in creating your perfect ceremony!

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